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The Next Big Stars of Fast Small Business Loans

Fast small business loans are used to support wages, inventory, equipment, commercial real estate fees, and other expenses associated with the growth of a small firm.

We chose some of the best fast small business loan lenders of 2022 for this list because they offer rapid financing timeframes and a range of loan alternatives, so you can obtain the money you need when you need it.


It is the best fast small business loan source for lines of credit because of its fast financing time — as short as a few hours for those who use bank wire transfers — and credit lines of up to $250,000. The SBA 504 loan programme provides funds to assist pay the cost of real estate or fixed assets. For this financing option, other direct lenders have lower credit limitations.

BlueVine solely provides business checking accounts and credit lines. A line of credit can give your small business rapid cash that you can draw on while you pay it back. However, bear in mind that annual percentage rates on BlueVine lines of credit may be pretty high — up to 70% according to some sources — and payments must be made weekly or monthly, so you might want to seek an alternative funding option if your income changes month to month.


An unlimited number of bank transactions per month

Account earns interest

Payments to vendors and bills are free.


Using an out-of-network ATM costs $2.50.

There will be no compensation for out-of-network fees.

Cash deposits at Green Dot shops cost $4.95.


It is the one of the best fast small business loan provider for prepayment and loyalty incentives because if you renew your contract or take out a new loan, it will eliminate the remaining interest on your old loan if you have paid down 50% of your current debt. You can also be eligible for a fee waiver on subsequent loans. If you want to start your business, this is the best online bad credit loans provider. Get startup business loans for bad credit.

OnDeck offers a prepayment advantage to qualified firms in addition to perks for those that renew their funding contract with the company. If you apply for this benefit and are granted, you may be able to have the remaining interest payments on a loan waived if you pay it off before the end of the term. If you are not eligible for the prepayment advantage, you will still be liable for 75% of the remaining interest. Furthermore, because the prepayment advantage is accompanied by a higher interest rate, you may wind up paying more for the money you borrow.


In certain states, no-cost same-day financing is available.

For eligible firms, there are no prepayment penalties.

When you pay down 50% of your loan and request a new one, you get a loyalty bonus.

You can use the Prepayment Benefit to avoid making any more interest payments.


Interest rates on loans using the Prepayment Benefit option are higher.

Only specified states and loans of up to $100,000 are eligible for same-day financing.

A company lien and a personal guarantee are required.


It is the best fast small business loan source for cash flow forecasting due to its free insights tool for qualified enterprises. This tool provides revenue estimates for the future and delivers alarms when cash flow falls below a set level.

Fundbox offers a free Insights function that allows you to link your compatible company accounts and see cash flow forecasts based on past data. You can also create business scenarios by putting in probable future transactions and receiving notifications if your cash flow falls below a certain level. While the Insights feature is still in development and may not be available to all organisations, it might be a great tool for establishing, and expanding enterprises that want a better understanding of possible income swings over time.


Predictions of free cash flow based on prior transactions

Payments online of credit include a three-day grace period.

There is no penalty for early payment or an origination charge.


Cash Flow Insights is presently in beta, and not all firms have access to it.

Charges a draw charge on credit lines.

National Funding

It is the best fast small business loan provider for borrowers with bad credit since it gives funding choices to candidates with credit scores as low as 500. (475 for renewals).

It is the best fast small business loan provider for borrowers with bad credit since it gives funding choices to candidates with credit scores as low as 500. (475 for renewals). We found National Funding to be one of the few online small business lenders that specialise particularly in applicants with bad credit. It provides an entire section with advice on how to enhance your chances of acceptance for a small business loan when you have bad credit, in addition to accepting credit scores as low as 500 for new clients and 475 for returning customers. This is one of the best service providers for guaranteed loans for bad credit. National Funding does not demand collateral and analyses yearly business income and years in operation.


Gives guaranteed loans for bad credit.

For certain loan alternatives, there is a reduction if you pay off your loan early.

Subject to conditions, approval in 24 hours.


There is no data on average interest rates or fees.

Working capital loans must be paid on a daily or weekly basis.


Because of its BizAnalyzer tool, which offers company owners a scorecard based on their creditworthiness and the financial health of their firm in comparison to other companies in the market, Biz2credit is our top fast small business loan provider for business insights. In addition, this application delivers individualised comments and financial advice.


BizAnalyzer provides you with a financial evaluation as well as tailored recommendations.

There are no application costs.

Within 24 hours, receive funding choices and a decision.

Women, veterans, and minorities are eligible for special loan schemes.


For most bank loan programmes, there is an origination or closure cost.

Most non-bank lending options include an underwriting charge.